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Medical Legal Expert - Hand & Upper Extremity Conditions

About Dr. Raven

Raymond B. Raven III, M.D.
Raymond B. Raven III, M.D.

Dr. Ray Raven is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon with diverse experience and a rich history of impactful contributions to the medical field. With subspecialty training in hand and upper extremity surgery and sports medicine, he belongs to a select group of surgeons nationwide. Triple board certified in Orthopedic Surgery, Surgery of the Hand, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.

Born and raised in East Side San Jose, Dr. Raven, a proud product of California public schools, pursued his bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at UC Irvine. He then attained his medical degree from UC San Francisco, where he went on to hone his skills in multiple areas of surgery, including vascular, neurosurgery, plastic, orthopaedic, and reconstructive limb surgery, during his internship and residency.

Dr. Raven's postgraduate training is vast and internationally recognized, taking him from the birthplace of Nelson Mandela in Umtata, South Africa, where he served as a volunteer surgeon, to Barcelona, Spain, where he studied complex wrist conditions at Institut Kaplan. He further expanded his expertise with pediatric hand and upper extremity surgery at Texas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas before completing his fellowship training in hand and upper extremity surgery at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital-Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Beyond his acclaimed surgical practice, Dr. Raven is a passionate physician entrepreneur and patient advocate. He co-founded and served as the CEO of Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists, a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment center for musculoskeletal conditions in Los Angeles County, overseeing quality healthcare delivery for over 70,000 patient encounters annually. He is dedicated to health equity, collaborating with other healthcare providers to address disparities in treatment outcomes for socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. To support this cause, he co-founded the OSS Health Network Foundation to aid uninsured patients and families with their healthcare needs.

Dr. Raven's commitment to society extends beyond the walls of his clinic. As a member of the Medical Reserve Corps, he volunteers on missions to developing countries, providing essential medical services. A strong advocate for education, especially for children from underprivileged backgrounds, Dr. Raven has served on the Board of Directors for Rocketship Education since 2015. This non-profit network of public elementary charter schools focuses on lifting communities in economically challenged areas.

Additionally, Dr. Raven is the CEO and co-founder of Smart Health & Wellness. This transformative medical practice focuses on comprehensive musculoskeletal care for patients with injuries and chronic conditions and emphasizes injury prevention and wellness services. The team at Smart strives to empower individuals to live their best lives, bridging the gap between healthcare and wellness through their comprehensive approach, delivering personalized physical therapy, fitness training, and wellness services. The vision for SMaRT is to be a global leader in comprehensive musculoskeletal health and wellness, integrating advanced technology, evidence-based practices, and innovative therapies for a seamless patient experience.

An esteemed fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and an active member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), Dr. Raven's influence extends to educational and scholarly platforms as well. He co-founded Handle, the Hand Society's premier educational web portal. He was the first Deputy Editor for Social Media for the Journal of Hand Surgery. His exceptional leadership in orthopaedic practice has earned him the prestigious designation of Fellow of the American Orthopaedic Association (AOA), an honor achieved by fewer than 10% of practicing orthopaedic surgeons. He holds a significant role on the California Orthopaedic Association (COA) board of directors. He is slated to preside over the largest state orthopaedic association in 2025.

Dr. Raven's reputation as a surgeon is complemented by his achievements as a visionary business leader and physician executive. Holding a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from UC Irvine and a Masters in Health Care Innovation (MHCI) from the University of Pennsylvania, he has transformed his practice's delivery model into a scalable and sustainable Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), fostering more than 20% growth per year on average. He has centralized business functions for his providers within a Management Services Organization (MSO), optimizing operations and financially integrating multiple medical groups. This approach promotes high-quality healthcare outcomes across the OSS Health Network.

Dr. Raven holds multiple patents for medical devices used to treat upper extremity fractures. He has a keen eye for future healthcare trends and continuously adapts his practice to meet upcoming demands. His interests span digital health technology, augmented and virtual reality, and regenerative medicine therapeutics, providing subject matter expertise to several health-tech companies as an advisory board member.

Away from his professional commitments, Dr. Raven cherishes the simple joys of life - chess, photography, mountain biking, backpacking, martial arts, and traveling with his wife, Despina. His extraordinary journey is a testament to his relentless commitment to advancing healthcare, advocating for education, and serving the community. Dr. Raven's unique blend of medical expertise, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills position him as a true pioneer in the healthcare industry.